blog update: 2018

Hello there! long time no blog post, right?! I promise we didn’t forget about you guys, we were just taking somewhat of a break to get all our ideas & goals in order for this upcoming year, and I think we’re ready to go! So happy new year to everyone, I hope all of you had a wonderful first month of 2018! Now, let’s do this!

life update: january 2018

Micah & I have been putting more thought into what type of content we want to share with you guys and what might be the most useful to you all. With that in mind as well as other exciting things in the works, here’s what you can expect from Sparking Young Duo in 2018:

  • We started this blog with the intention of sharing more about our married life, like experiences, tips, etc. so we want to make it a point to share more marriage/relationship posts with you all. So if you ever have a question for us or a topic you would like a discussion on, please feel free to reach out (:
  • Last year Micah & I found out just how much we love traveling and just how easy it really is, so we plan to continue sharing our travel experiences with you all. We intend to create more resources for you to plan your travels with, such as more city guides and travel tips. Also, a side note, you can visit our ABOUT page to see an updated list of travel destinations for 2018.
  • Coffee is the love of our life, aside from each other of course, so you will most likely continue to see us share our favorite coffee spots & all our morning brews too!

We’re so excited to continue sharing our life adventures with you all! Thanks again for following along!