September Round Up

September, where did you go?! I can’t believe it’s already October! We’re officially starting to get into holiday season you guys, so exciting! Time for sweater weather, pumpkin carving, and eating all the delicious food (:

    1. Stocking up on all the sweaters, and came across THIS amazing oversized sweater from ZARA!
    2. Have you checked out Moorea Seal’s (author of The 52 Lists Project) new book, Make Yourself at Home?
    3. A friend of ours recently found THIS produce delivery so we tried it out and it’s pretty cool (:
    4. Just started THIS book the other day and it’s good so far!
    5. Looked up clean eating recipes and came across this Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Skillet recipe & it was delicious!
    6. If you’re around SF, check out our Ultimate San Francisco Coffee Guide for a list of some of the best coffee shops!
    7. Micah just got himself one of THESE minimal watches, and loves it!
    8. Considering decorating with some of Mapiful’s lovely maps (:
    9. Who else is excited for Season Two of Stranger Things coming out this month?! (currently rewatching Season One as I put this post together)

Not a lot of new things this month, but can’t wait to share some cool things in October’s Round Up, next month (: Wishing everyone a Happy Fall!