5 Awesome Bloggers to Follow

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far, in today’s post I wanted to share some bloggers I really love and I think you’ll like too! (: I’ve been a part of the blogging community for almost a year now and I’ve come across many different blogs of many different styles and niches. These bloggers though have stood out to me, all in their own ways and they are all lovely people I recommend following. Enjoy!

bloggers to follow - new darlings

New Darlings

Not only do these two have wonderful style but they are also amazing interior designers! They recently bought a home in Phoenix, AZ and following their remodel journey has had me pinning like crazy for my future home (: And they have the absolute cutest rescue dog, named Henry! You can check them out on Instagram HERE.

bloggers to follow - kinlake


I found so much inspiration in these two when we first started the blog and I still do. They live a nomadic lifestyle exploring new destinations and working in whatever city they may find themselves in at the time. Now I’m all for living a simple lifestyle, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to go as far as they have with it. I do enjoy living vicariously through them though! HERE you can find their beautiful designs and current destination (:

bloggers to follow - all that is she

All That Is She

I don’t follow many mom blogs but this lady right here is an exception. Her photos are perfectly planned and executed and her daughters are so cute! All That Is She isn’t just a mom blog, but it’s also an amazing resource if you’re into capsule wardrobes, which as you know I am(: Her capsule wardrobe guide was by far the best one I came across and its the one I used for my own personal capsule wardrobe. You can see her beautiful photos HERE!

bloggers to follow - advice from a 20 something

Advice From A Twenty Something

A fellow San Franciscan right here! This woman is great and has some awesome advice when it comes to basically anything: beauty, wellness, fashion, blogging, etc. I love following her blog because she’s super down to earth and easy to relate to. I think you’ll really like her too! You can find her HERE (:

bloggers to follow - damn delicious

Damn Delicious

My FAVORITE place to get new recipes! She and her corgi, Butters (how great is that name?!), are so much fun to follow. Her food will convince you that you want to cook, trust me! Something I’ve been meaning to try is one of her delicious looking meal plans. If I ever get to it, I’ll let you guys know how it goes (; See all her delicious looking images HERE!

I’d love to hear who you guys enjoy following! Let me know in the comments (:

Author: Dianna Baylor

Dianna is a daydreamer & night thinker. She spends her days pursuing her passion of living a creative life. She enjoys photography, inspirational playlists, a good americano, and other simple pleasures in life. Her favorite weekend activities include sitting in a new coffee shop, spending quality time with her husband, Micah, and planning new adventures. ♡

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