5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship During Busy Times

Ever have those weeks or months where you’re both so busy that you end up only eating and sleeping together? Well, those times have been hitting us lately, more than we’d like, so today we wanted to share some ways to keep the relationship strong even during the busy times! (:

First off, if you aren’t able to see each other as much as you’d like then at least keep in touch. Sending each other sweet texts during the day can make all the difference! I’ll send Micah “have a good day (insert kissy face emoji)!” and sometimes don’t hear back for hours, but when I do, I get a sweet text back acknowledging how much he appreciated the gesture. Remember kissy face emojis can do wonders! (:

Let’s say one of you is working late, make the sacrifice and stay awake until the other gets home. Getting in bed together and chatting about the day for a few minutes before snuggling each other to sleep is a wonderful feeling. Falling asleep together is something you will both appreciate and the few minutes of communication allows you to spend some down time together before ending the day.

Find the time to reconnect with one another. On the weekend or day off, book a hotel room and spend some offline time with each other. Cuddle in that nice hotel bed, sleep in, hang out and talk about life, just reconnect. On a side note: If you’re wondering the best way to book a hotel room last minute, stay tuned to the end of this post to find out! (:

So you’re both pretty busy, right? Do each other a favor and on the way home text/call one another simply to ask if anything is needed. A simple gesture that might add a few minutes to the commute home, but it can be very helpful to your partner.

Last but not least, always kiss each other hello & goodbye. Simple as that.

You finished the post, yay! Now for that extra tip I promised on how to get yourself a last minute hotel room that won’t break the bank. There’s an amazing app called, Hotel Tonight, simply download it and search the desired area for last minute hotel rates! Bonus, use the code MBAYLOR7 for a $25 credit (: Enjoy the night out!

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Author: Dianna Baylor

Dianna is a daydreamer & night thinker. She spends her days pursuing her passion of living a creative life. She enjoys photography, inspirational playlists, a good americano, and other simple pleasures in life. Her favorite weekend activities include sitting in a new coffee shop, spending quality time with her husband, Micah, and planning new adventures. ♡

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