5 Travel Apps to Help You Save on Your Next Adventure

Most people think of travel as this expensive luxury when really it’s only as expensive & luxurious as you choose to make it. With these 5 travel apps you’ll find not only how much you can save by not staying in a fancy hotel, but also how much more you may enjoy the adventure when you have the opportunity to visit a place like a local. These are all apps Dianna & I use on the regular and we couldn’t recommend them more! Enjoy (:

First, the flight. Where are you going? Do you even have that yet? Either way, these two apps will help you.

The first app to download is HOPPER, just type in the locations you might want to visit and the dates you might want to go.HOPPER will keep an eye on the cost of those flights for you, even sending you alerts when it’s at its cheapest and about how long you’ll have to book the flight at that specific price.

When it comes to actually booking the flight we always book through Momondo. Pro tip: The best way to book a flight through this site or really any booking site is to open them in the Google Chrome web browser and open in an Incognito Tab. (If you aren’t sure how to do this you can find a tutorial HERE) The reason behind doing this is if you visit in normal mode you could potentially drive up the cost of the ticket because all of your page views make the flight look more popular, which leads the airline to raise the ticket price. One last thing, don’t know where to go? Hop on Momondo, type in your potential travel dates and departure airport, then click “anywhere” as the arrival location and it will give you the destinations with the cheapest flights from your departure airport.

Once you get where you’re going you’ll need a place to stay, right?

We really enjoy using Airbnb when we’re traveling! For our upcoming trip to Paris, we got THIS cute studio apartment all to ourselves for $89 a night. Cheaper than a hotel room with the perks of having a kitchen, which can save you from spending on eating out as often. An Airbnb also gives you a special taste of what living there feels like, you might even get a great host that has local recommendations for the area! We’ve had some amazing hosts that have made our adventures all that much better.

Now if you’re hoping to get a good price on a hotel, we like grabbing rooms last minute from HotelTonight. It’s one of our favorite apps for spontaneous staycations in the city or for last minute travel. This app never fails us and the longer you wait to book the better the prices!

Last but not least, HostelWorld with all of the best hostels and at the same prices you’d get elsewhere. It is a great way to know where the good hostels are while making it easy to book them at good rates. We honestly haven’t done many hostels but they are a great way to travel cheap and meet other travelers along the way!

Something I’ve found is that it isn’t near as expensive to visit new places as you’d think it would be. If you set a hard budget and then use some basic tools to make the dollars get you where you want to go, you’ll be surprised at where you can visit. Safe travels my friends!

here’s a quick refresh of the 5 apps to download in case you missed any:

  1. Hopper
  2. Momondo
  3. Airbnb
  4. HotelTonight
  5. HostelWorld

Author: Micah Baylor

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