Amsterdam City Guide

Amsterdam, such an amazing city! Micah & I really enjoyed our time here and can’t wait to visit again soon. That said, here are a few of our favorite spots in Amsterdam (:

amsterdam city guide
amsterdam city guide


Van Gogh Museum – I personally am a huge Van Gogh fan so this was a must-see for me! It was amazing to see his work up close and have the opportunity to see pieces I’d never known about before. Also getting to read more about Van Gogh and discovering new details about his life was really interesting for me.

ANNE FRANK HOUSE – We did visit the house and feel bad saying this but… if you already know the story of Anne Frank & her family it’s just not really worth the time to visit the house unless you REALLY want to see it. We feel awful for everything the Frank family went through, but the tour shared no information you couldn’t read in the book

RIJKSMUSEUM – We didn’t quite make it to this museum but I look forward to checking out all the Dutch art and history this museum holds next time we’re in Amsterdam!

CANAL TOUR – This is a must do, of course (: Micah & I ended up with a private canal tour just because nobody else booked within that time slot, so we had a good time learning extra history about Amsterdam as well as having a good time cracking jokes with our local guide! Pro Tip: When finding a canal tour be sure and book with one of the smaller tour companies, because you end up with a MUCH better experience than if you were to book with a big touristy canal company.

RED LIGHT DISTRICT – Everyone is going to have their opinions on this spot, but if you are interested in going we recommend it! Micah & I walked around this neighborhood during the day and during the night. In our opinion, if you want to really experience this neighborhood the best time to visit is at night when it’s in full swing, so going out about 9:30-10 pm, you’ll have a good time!

amsterdam city guide
amsterdam city guide


CT COFFEE & COCONUTS – Probably one of the most amazing spaces I’ve been in! This delicious restaurant & coffee shop are located in a former cinema that was built in the 20s, what they’ve done with the space is impressive. Plus the menu here is pretty amazing!

LOT SIXTY-ONE – This corner coffee shop is just the perfect place to meet up for coffee with a friend or plug-in and write a blog post (: The atmosphere and good coffee made this place worth the visit!

NAKED ESPRESSO – Good coffee, because what more is there?! (:

amsterdam city guide
amsterdam city guide


again, we didn’t exactly keep up with everywhere we ate and our hotel had a really good restaurant so we ate there quite a bit too. These spots are worth a visit though!

PLUK – The menu at this place is unreal! Just give this place a try and you’ll understand what we mean (:

BURGER FABRIEK – I don’t know why but Micah & I ate a lot of burgers on our trip, this place though was so good! So many delicious burger options and they taste just as awesome as described on the menu.

CT COFFEE & COCONUTS – On the coffee list too, but the food here is also worth having! If you’re in a pancake kinda mood, the coconut pancakes come highly recommended!


Feel like doing some shopping?

THE 9 STREETS – This neighborhood is full of vintage & designer boutiques as well as cozy cafes. It’s also enjoyable just to window shop and walk these quaint & quirky streets located along Amsterdam’s canals (:

If you haven’t made it to Amsterdam yet Micah & I highly recommend checking it out! If you give us a heads up when you’ll be going we might even tag along (: Hope you enjoyed our Amsterdam City Guide and if you have any questions or comments about our trip, feel free to let us know below!

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