Cozy Stay at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Earlier this week we posted our Amsterdam City Guide, but we didn’t include where to stay so that’s what we’ll be sharing today! The Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy with all of its unique rooms, each a showcase of beautiful Dutch design, is at the top of our list of places to stay in Amsterdam. We can’t recommend this place enough! It was definitely a big part of our trip to Amsterdam and we’re so excited to finally share this place with you all (:

One of the cool things about the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy is it’s a great fit for any traveler’s budget. As the worlds first 1-to-5 star hotel, there’s a room style & budget for everyone! Micah & I got a little sneak peek into a few of the different types of rooms they offer, don’t worry we took some photos to share with you all (: Check them out!

★★☆☆☆ rooms

★★★★☆ room

lloyd hotel & cultural embassy

And saving the best for last, Room #602 is one of the hotel’s well-known swing rooms. We can vouch that this room is just as dreamy in person as it is in photos! Micah & I very much enjoyed our stay here, with great canal views and cozy afternoon baths it was pure bliss!

★★★★★ room

lloyd hotel & cultural embassy
lloyd hotel & cultural embassy
lloyd hotel & cultural embassy
lloyd hotel & cultural embassy

Thank you to the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy for having us and making our stay in Amsterdam all the more cozy! (: If you’re curious about more of the hotel room options and what they offer, check out their site HERE!

* This post is in partnership with the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

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