Hello, lovely people!

I’m Dianna, the wife half of the duo. I’m a daydreamer & night thinker. I spend my days pursuing my passion of living a creative life. I enjoy photography, inspirational playlists, a good americano, and other simple pleasures in life. My favorite weekend activities include sitting in a new coffee shop, spending quality time with my husband, Micah, and planning new adventures.

Born & raised in a small town in South Texas, I moved out West with my husband, Micah, over a year ago and haven’t looked back (well except to visit family, of course). With moving came so many opportunities for growth in my personal & professional life. It brought inspiration to start this blog where I share everyday experiences and how I am continually growing as a person. Things that inspire me & lessons I learn along the way. I’m so excited to share the journey with you all!

” i believe you are confined only by the walls

you build yourself.”

P.S.  If you haven’t met my wonderful husband yet, you can read all about Micah HERE