Lessons I Learned From My First Capsule Wardrobe

I’m currently finishing up my first capsule wardrobe and I’m even more excited to plan my second one! Before I do though I wanted to share a few lessons my capsule wardrobe has taught me over the last few months. You’re probably thinking, “how can a wardrobe teach anyone something?” Well, you would be surprised what committing to 30ish pieces of clothing for 3 months can teach a person.

Lesson 1 – Shop with a Purpose

Before I committed to having a capsule wardrobe I very rarely walked into a store without purchasing something. I was a big time impulse buyer and always made the excuses like “what if… but it goes with that one shirt, or eventually I’ll  wear it...”  Having a set reason for owning different pieces has taught me to shop with a purpose and ONLY a purpose. Not only has this lesson served me well when shopping for my clothing, but I have also applied it to all other areas of life when shopping. This lesson consistently saves me from owning extra clutter that serves no purpose whatsoever in our home. It’s also a great money saver too!

Lesson 2 – Be Confident

Confidence has never been a strong suit of mine, but it’s something I’m always working on boosting. Having only clothing pieces I absolutely love in my wardrobe makes it SO much easier to get dressed and walk out the door knowing I look good. I can always feel confident in what I put on because if I wasn’t comfortable with it I for one, probably shouldn’t own it and two, I wouldn’t have it in my limited selection of clothing that I chose to wear for the next 3 months. So, capsule wardrobe = confidence booster!

Lesson 3 – Choose Versatile Pieces

You know how it feels to have all those random pieces that never match anything else in the closet? Well, that is no longer an issue, my friends! If anything, this capsule wardrobe has taught me to purchase versatile pieces of clothing and how to make the pieces I already have work. It has forced me to get creative so I’m not wearing the exact thing over and over again. Learning how to shop with a purpose and learning to choose versatile pieces go hand in hand. I always ask myself how well the item will go with things I already have and if it completes its purpose in the closet.

Lesson 4 – Quality over Quantity

I never had much of a problem purchasing a cheap top from a low-quality store, but what I’ve learned is it’s much better to invest in clothing that lasts. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is that it’s made up of quality clothing pieces that you can continually use and switch out per season. It’s a capsule wardrobe so you don’t want quantity but you DO want quality. I’d much rather spend more on one nice pair of jeans that I feel comfortable in instead of buying three cheaper versions. Ever since I’ve put quality first I feel better about my purchases. Another perk of adding a bit of research to my shopping is I’ve come across new better quality shops I never knew about.

All those lessons learned from simplifying my wardrobe. If you’re curious what my current wardrobe looks like you can go check out my Spring Capsule Wardrobe (: Here pretty soon I’ll be sharing my summer one on the blog too. I love sharing my experiences with you all and I would love to hear your stories too! What have you learned from your capsule wardrobe? What do you like most about it? Feel free to comment below!

Author: Dianna Baylor

Dianna is a daydreamer & night thinker. She spends her days pursuing her passion of living a creative life. She enjoys photography, inspirational playlists, a good americano, and other simple pleasures in life. Her favorite weekend activities include sitting in a new coffee shop, spending quality time with her husband, Micah, and planning new adventures. ♡

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