Siphon Brew Guide

Introducing the Siphon Brew Guide! Get excited my friends(: This is easily the best bang for your buck when it comes to party trick and coffee, it’s aesthetically pleasing and impresses guests simply by how foreign it is. A fun bit of discussion is the history of the siphon, it was invented in the 1840s and there is a bit of discussion who invented it first, the contenders are French housewife and a Scottish marine engineer, my personal vote is on the French housewife.


  • Siphon
  • Bamboo Paddle
  • Kettle w/ Temperature Control
  • Coffee of Choice
  • Digital Gram Scale
  • Grinder
siphon brew guide

Step 1

Start off by dropping your filter in warm water, for no less than 5 minutes, then drop it into the top of your Siphon (the “hopper”) and pull the chain down to secure the hook to the bottom of the glass tube. (Apologies for the lack of visual in this first step, sorry guys.)

Step 2

Fill the bottom of your siphon, (the “bulb”) with 500 grams of hot water, which is just under 17oz of water.

Assemble the siphon and place over your heat, you won’t need much pressure, but do press down on the top of your siphon to insure that the hopper and bulb are connected.

Step 3

Grind 42 grams of coffee just a hair finer than you would for a regular pour over method (drip).

Step 4

Since you preheated your water it shouldn’t take long for the water to boil and find itself in the top of the hopper, don’t worry about the little bit that remains in the bottom of the bulb, something scientific causes this to stay here (I’m sure) and no barista understands why it doesn’t all come to the top. Who knows? (;

Once the water is on top wait for it too cool to 194° and then gently “paddle” in the ground glory (coffee), this takes about 10 strokes, you don’t want to over do it as you can push negative flavors out of the coffee bean, however, you do want to insure that all of the grounds are wet.

Step 5

Allow the coffee bean to be in contact for about 70 seconds, some beans want as little as 60 seconds and some as much as 90 seconds, I find a good starting point for all beans is 70 and then I’ll adjust based on what flavor the bean shares. Remove from the heat and allow about another minute for the coffee to drain into the bulb. You’ll see a dome of grounds and a gurgle about the pace of a heartbeat, these two things mean that your siphon is complete!

Step 6

You’ll want to allow the coffee about 2 minutes in the bulb to breath and to ensure the most flavorful cup, always serve this glorious beverage in a heated mug. Enjoy!!


Author: Micah Baylor

Micah is a believer in tomorrow. He spends his days striving to achieve his best in leadership and influence, he is in a constant competition with himself. He enjoys the elegance in simplicity and is on the search for a good black coffee and a well-fitted suit. His time is most enjoyed reflecting on what he has been blessed with and in enjoying his rich marriage to Dianna.

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