The Ultimate San Francisco Coffee Guide

The post we’ve all been waiting for is FINALLY here! The ultimate guide to all most of the best coffee shops in San Francisco! (: I figured we’ve lived in this awesome city long enough to check out the majority of the coffee it has to offer, so it was about time we share all our favorite spots. Also, what better day to share all the great spots than today, on National Coffee Day!

san francisco coffee guide

Andytown Coffee Roasters 

We currently have the pleasure of living a block away from this little gem and it’s wonderful! There is almost ALWAYS a line out the door for this place, but the wait isn’t as long as it looks. The baristas here are super efficient in the small space and really know what they’re doing! If you ever find yourself in the Outer Sunset, get in line and try them out (:

san francisco coffee guide

Blue Bottle Coffee

Having multiple locations around the Bay Area, we find this a great place to stop and grab a lil’ pick-me-up! This is our go-to coffee when we’re around the more touristy spots of the city (MUCH better than a Starbucks), there are locations at the Embarcadero, Union Square, Fillmore and more hot spots. Pro Tip: The Union Square (Mint Plaza) location is the best if you’re looking for great brunch & coffee!

Chapel Hill Coffee Co.

Only open until 4 pm Mon-Fri, but a great spot if you find yourself in the Financial District (near the Transamerica Pyramid). You also really have to look for this place to find it, because it’s hidden in an alley and it’s a small space. They make a great americano though!

Coffee Bar

Another great spot in the Financial District! (:

Coffee Cultures

A neat coffee shop, with a location in the Financial District as well as in the SOMA. We always enjoy stopping in if we find ourselves passing by!


This place is one of our top favs, for sure! Although, like all great places in SF there’s quite the line… it’s worth it, we think (: The great thing about this place, is everything’s delicious, and the neighborhood (the Fillmore) is a great place to shop around too!

san francisco coffee guide

Paramo Coffee Company

We don’t visit this coffee shop often enough since it’s not really on our usual routes, but when we do it’s always really good!

san francisco coffee guide

Provender Coffee

A very charming neighborhood coffee shop! Located in Potrero Hill, you tend to only see the local community there, but if you’re in the area it’s some great coffee!

Repose Coffee

This place is great to stop in for round two after the first round at The Mill, a few blocks away (:

Réveille Coffee Co.

Accidentally stumbled on this place one afternoon, in search of coffee in the North Beach neighborhood. Micah and I now visit this cafe frequently, because of it’s calm welcoming interior. A great place to enjoy coffee & conversation!

Ritual Coffee Roasters

With locations in all the hip neighborhoods, this coffee shop is a great stop in! This is one place that I actually consider getting a pour over instead of an Americano, which never happens. We really love their Hayes Valley location, it might just be because it’s in a shipping container which we think is REALLY cool (:

san francisco coffee guide

Sextant Coffee Roasters

We mention these guys a lot, that’s because it’s one of our favorite cafes! Until our recent move, this was our neighborhood cafe, so we really got to know the baristas & the coffee. You can see more of their cafe in THIS post, and we’re currently partnering with them on something we can’t wait to share with you guys! Ever in the neighborhood, grab a cup, and also try a bag of their Ethiopia coffee, you won’t regret it!

san francisco coffee guide

Sightglass Coffee

One of our first third-wave coffee finds when we moved to San Francisco, Sightglass has such well-designed spaces and AMAZING coffee! They have multiple locations, but the flagship space on 7th is really the one worth visiting! The first floor you can experience their roasting area and coffee bar. Then on the mezzanine level, there’s an affogato bar! But wait, it gets even better… they serve Salt & Straw ice cream (which is THE BEST ice cream you will ever have)! (:

san francisco coffee guide

Snowbird Coffee

We just discovered this place, a couple weeks ago, and it’s pretty great! A cool exterior and the inside is welcoming, a great place to sit and work on the weekends.

san francisco coffee guide

The Mill

The one place in the world you won’t regret spending $8 on toast. The space here is lovely, a bakery & coffee shop combined to form a perfectly clean modern space, worth spending the morning in. The toast is delicious and the coffee great, what more could you want in life?! (:

Trouble Coffee

An interesting atmosphere, but a dang good cup of coffee!

san francisco coffee guide

Verve Coffee Roasters

We originally discovered Verve in Santa Cruz, but earlier this year they opened a shop in SF! A great spot to sit if you get there in time to grab a seat, of course. Awesome coffee and really great pastries too!

A few we haven’t checked off our coffee list just yet:

Now, we’re going to be honest with you all and admit that we have not visited all the shops listed. The ones we haven’t made it to yet are in fact on other top coffee guides for San Francisco, so we wanted to make sure and include them for you guys to check out too! (: We also added this nifty map of all the places listed, and it’s downloadable!

Hope you enjoyed our Ultimate San Francisco Coffee Guide! Any questions, comments, or suggestions feel free to comment below (: we always love hearing from you guys! Happy National Coffee Day!

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